How Lack Of a Mattress Protector Can Ruin Your Health

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A good night rest is critical to your life and overall wellbeing. For most Americans, sleep is so important that seven out of ten Americans value sleep more than sex. But it goes without saying that there are a number of factors that go into consideration when thinking about the quality of your sleep and one of them is your mattress, and this is where the Tuft and Needles mattress protectors come in.

Without a good mattress protector, there are chances that you will have a degraded mattress, but the greatest concern is the effect that such will have on your health and the quality of sleep. To illustrate how important a mattress protector is, listed below are some of the ways a lack of protector or using an old one can ruin your health-:

Increase in stress level

When you use a mattress without a protector or you are using an old one, and especially with an old mattress, you are prone to experiencing increased levels of stress and with that, you can say goodbye to good quality life. A study conducted between individuals using old mattresses and new mattresses for one month revealed that those with new mattresses realized a reduction in the stress levels in the second month, while those with old mattresses had an increase in their stress levels by the second month.

The same is also the case when you use an old mattress protector since the protector contributes directly to the comfort levels of the mattresses. Additionally, the discomfort caused by such mattresses will also add to more stress, considering back pains, shoulder pains, and hip joint pains that will ensue due to using an old mattress or an old mattress protector.

Triggering allergies 

One of the main reasons for having Tuft and Needles mattress protectors is so that your mattresses can be free from dust mites, bugs and other dirt that may cause allergic reactions. When the protectors wear out, they become less effective in stopping these and other allergens from accessing your mattress.

It is possible that you could be washing the mattress protector, but since it is worn out, a bulk of what it ought to protect the mattress from still finding their way to the mattress and without you realizing it, you and your loved ones will begin to suffer from all manner of allergic reactions. It means that the allergens which your mattress have provided a home for due to lack of a proper protector will be fighting back. The best way to avoid such would be to get a new decent protector when the one you are using currently seems to have attained their sunset years.

Increased back pain

The combination of an old mattress and an old mattress protector is the perfect recipes for the mother of all back pains. The protector, in as much as it offers a great protection for your mattress, its other purpose is to aid in the comfort of your mattress and make it feel more comfortable. But when it is old, it becomes too thin that it can’t contribute further to the overall comfort of your bed.

With time, you will begin to experience pains on your back since your back will be taking a lot of pressure from the bed frame when your mattress and your mattress cover ought to have to provide it with the necessary support. Therefore, if you are experiencing back pains and you have an old mattress protector, this is the right time to consider Tuft and Needles mattress protectors for your health and quality of sleep.

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Increased chances of snoring

Snoring is another consequence you may suffer when you have a bad mattress and an old mattress protector. Snoring happens when the air passages are blocked and so you have to force the air out, thus releasing the disgusting sound. With an old mattress and an old mattress protector, your body will not get the support it needs to maintain the right posture that will allow all airways to be free so that air can flow freely and let you breathe without any problems.

Though not everyone snores, there are real dangers that come with this habit, including a few health and it is something you should look into keenly, especially if you have an old mattress and an old mattress protector.

Could partly lead to overweight or obese

With an old mattress and an old mattress protector, chances are that you will be sleep deprived and it is a known fact that sleep deprivation usually leads to overeating and binge-eating.

If you take some time to think about it, if you are having any issues with your weight, then you can easily trace them back to these two habits and since they are connected to your quality of sleep, you should watch out the type of mattress you are using as well as the nature of the mattress protectors you are using. Just by changing your mattress as well as investing in a decent Tuft and Needles mattress protectors, you could improve your chances of maintaining a healthy weight.

Weak immune system

It may sound far-fetched by an old mattress protector will have a direct impact on your immune system and when this is compromised, your body will be exposed to all manner of attacks.

With an old mattress and an old mattress protector, you will lack quality sleep on most of the nights, yet good sleep is vital for your health and your immune system. Additionally, the increased stress you will experience due to the low-quality mattress and mattress protector will also contribute to weakening your immune system.

Your heart may also suffer

Finally, your heart may also be a victim if you use an old mattress protector and there are very many angles to argue this out. A study published in the European Heart Journal stated that people who lack sleep or who suffer from sleep deprivation had 48% more chances of suffering from heart conditions compared to those who had good sleep every single night.