Evening Dress Trends For 2018 Fall/Winter

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Every woman needs a fabulous evening dress in her wardrobe. An evening dress should make you feel elegant, classy and sophisticated. It’s a piece that you can wear to the biggest events, whether walking a red carpet or attending a fancy dinner. Evening dress styles change and evolve from year-to-year, so if you have a big event coming up this fall or winter 2018, you need to know what’s on-trend before you start shopping. To help set you in the right direction, we got some important fashion tips from JJsHouse designer, Jessica. Her biggest piece of advice? “Don’t be afraid to look dramatic. Eveningwear is all about the drama.”

Velvet Fabric

Velvet fabric is a classic choice for fall and winter. For 2018, velvet evening dresses are making an appearance in rich, regal tones like maroon, deep purple, red, green and black. “You can’t go wrong with an evening-dress version of the LBD in a rich velvet fabric,” advises Jessica. With a form-fitting, floor-length skirt and a high collar that covers the neck, you’ll have a dress that’s fit for a serious fashionista.

High-Slit Skirts

High-slit skirts are a great way to elevate an otherwise simple look or to add a touch of drama and sex appeal to a bold look so that you really stand out. For fall and winter 2018, the high-slit is in with bold colors like red and gold. It’s also making a statement on black dresses for some seriously elegant sexiness. Wear the high slit in a form-fitting skirt or a flowy one, depending on your personal style.

Cloak Designs and Wide Sleeves

Layers are all the rage for fall and winter 2018. These unique evening dress concepts add a cozy and comfortable twist to these formal ensembles. Wear the cloak floor-length over a form-fitting dress. For an ultimate elegant appeal, leave the cloak open in front and make sure it’s designed in a material that matches the dress perfectly.

Sequins and Tassels

Sequins and other loud embellishments are risky options for evening dresses. When done right, they can appear very flattering and expensive. When done wrong, however, they can make a woman look like she’s wearing a cheap costume. If you want to take a risk with sequins, stick with rich colors like gold or black and don’t over-do the accessories.

Evening dresses made with long tassels in a fringe-style are on-trend for fall and winter 2018. Layered fringe, fringe skirts and long fringe tops all made an appearance on the runways for poetic and glamourous looks.

Whether you want to shimmer and shine or make an appearance as a regal diva, there are so many sophisticated evening dress options to choose from this fall and winter 2018. “When considering an evening dress design, go for something that suits both your body type and your personality,” advises Jessica. From bold reds to the blackest blacks, and layered cloak-styles to high-slit body-hugging silhouettes, there’s an evening dress out there to help every woman be a show-stopper at her next event.