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A long, flowing garment that covers the whole body from head to feet, the burka, also known as burqa or abaya, is an important part of the dress of Muslim women in many different countries. The burka has mainly been worn in very conservative Muslim cultures, which often restrict the movement and power of women. So here in this post I have collected elegant burqa designs for 2012. Hope you will like them.

1. Modern Burqa Designs

Modern Burqa Designs

2. Burqa Trend in Saudi Arabia

Burqa Trend in Saudi Arabia

3. Girls Burka Fashion Designs

Girls Burka Fashion Designs

4. Abayas or Burka by Amber Feroz Designer Collection

Abayas or Burka by Amber Feroz Designer Collection

5. Latest Abaya Collection for 2012

Latest Abaya Collection for 2012

6. Burqa Design Fashion for Women

Burqa Design Fashion for Women

7. Abaya Jilbab Designs

Abaya Jilbab Designs

8. Burqa Fashion Designs and Styles

Burqa Fashion Designs and Styles

9. Latest Burka Style 2012

Latest Burka Style 2012

10. Islamic Abaya and Burka Fashion

Islamic Abaya and Burka Fashion

11. Abaya Designs In India

Abaya Designs In India

12. Burqa and Headscarf Designs

Burqa and Headscarf Designs

13. Pure Islami Burqa Designs

Pure Islami Burqa Designs

14. Saudi Burka Designs Muslim Headscarf

Saudi Burka Designs Muslim Headscarf

15. Abaya and Burka Trends 2012


Abaya and Burka Trends 2012

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