20+ Great Looking Fashion Brochures Samples

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Brochure design is a key component to the marketing  of many businesses large and small and brochure printing is like dream come true. Fashion brochures, catalogs and magazines are one of the primary ways that fashion companies and brands market themselves to potential clients and buyers. Yet the process of creating fashion brochures is not always thought of or appreciated until one is confronted with the challenge for the first time.

When designing a fashion brochure we always look up first for inspiration and the best place to search for inspiring designs is the Web. This post showcases excellent creative and well designed fashion brochures, fashion catalogs and fashion magazines that not only have a unique image. This collection of fashion brochures I’ve selected are among some of the most creative and you can definitely get inspired from them.

1. Flirt Fashion Brochure

Flirt Fashion Brochure

2. FADE Fashion Show Brochure

FADE Fashion Show Brochure

3. Fashion Boutique Brochure

Fashion Boutique Brochure

4. Zone Brochure

Zone Brochure

5. Hana Havelkova Fashion Brochure

Hana Havelkova Fashion Brochure

6. Makeup Brochure

Makeup Brochure

7. E-Label Brochure

E-Label Brochure

8. Smoca Southwest Net – Techno

Smoca Southwest Net - Techno

9. SELECT – Brochure

SELECT - Brochure

10. Barli Asmara Catalog

Barli Asmara Catalog

11. Catalogo Lilica Ripilica Alto Verao

Catalogo Lilica Ripilica Alto Verao

12. Galerias Metallo

Galerias Metallo

13. Fashionista Vintage Brochure

Fashionista Vintage Brochure

14. Fashion Brochure

Fashion Brochure

15. Kinetic Fashion Brochure

Kinetic Fashion Brochure

16. AKA – Fashion Brochure

AKA - Fashion Brochure

17. Panoply – Fashion Festival Campaign

Panoply - Fashion Festival Campaign

18. MOD – Editorial Design

MOD - Editorial Design

19. Susana Monaco Catalog Winter Holiday

Susana Monaco Catalog Winter Holiday

20. Fox Holiday 08 Catalog

Fox Holiday 08 Catalog

21. Clair De Lune Brochure

Clair De Lune Brochure

22. Fox Juniors Fall

Fox Juniors Fall

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