20 Cool Dark Wallpapers for Desktop

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Black Wallpapers have always been the best source of inspiration for me. Even when we talk about photography, black and white photographs always have a soft corner when compared to any other photographs.

Here, in this collection some of best dark desktop wallpapers are showcased below just for you… The wallpapers are themed around dark-colors. Feel free to download these cool pretty wallpapers and make your desktop interesting and inspirational!

1. A Dark Starry Night Wallpaper

A Dark Starry Night Wallpaper

2. Dark Apple Desktop Mac OS X Leopard

Dark Apple Desktop Mac OS X Leopard

3. Fantasy Dark Wallpaper

Fantasy Dark Wallpaper

4. Flying Apple Dark Wallpaper

Flying Apple Dark Wallpaper

5. Deliverance Wallpaper

Deliverance Wallpaper

6. Who Wants to Dance

Who Wants to Dance

7. Hydrolic Hydra Wallpaper

Hydrolic Hydra Wallpaper

8. Dark Angel Wallpaper

Dark Angel Wallpaper

9. Elemental Magic Wallpaper

Elemental Magic Wallpaper

10. Luna in the Dark Wallpaper

Luna in the Dark Wallpaper

11. Love Heart Wallpaper

Love Heart Wallpaper

12. Smoothy Style

Smoothy Style

13. Little Grim Reaper Wallpaper

Little Grim Reaper Wallpaper

14. Black Wallpaper for Desktop

Black Wallpaper for Desktop

15. Tigers and Bees Wallpaper

Tigers and Bees Wallpaper

16. Inspiration Dark Wallpaper

Inspiration Dark Wallpaper

17. Black Ballerina Wallpaper

Black Ballerina Wallpaper

18. Dark Apple Background

Dark Apple Background

19. The Earth

The Earth

20. Dark Windows 7 Wallpaper

Dark Windows 7 Wallpaper

Hope you will have liked these amazing dark wallpapers collection. If you have any collection of wallpapers please share with us via comments.