20 Cute Twitter Wallpapers for Girls

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Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging overhaul that enables its users to send and interpret other users’ updates known as tweets. That is twitter in it’s basic form, but it has turned into something bigger.

Here, in this post I have compiled some of the fantastic twitter wallpapers for desktop. Hope you like this article, maybe you will like more wallpapers articles on dark wallpapers, nature wallpaperstwitter backgrounds and pretty wallpapers.

1. Cool Twitter Wallpaper for Desktop

Cool Twitter Wallpaper for Desktop

2. Twitter is Not A Chat Wallpaper

Twitter is Not A Chat Wallpaper

3. Twitter Fail Whale Wallpaper

Twitter Fail Whale Wallpaper

4. Twitter Wallpaper vdesign

Twitter Wallpaper vdesign

5. Twitter Wallpaper for Free Download

Twitter Wallpaper for Free Download

6. Elegant Twitter Background

Elegant Twitter Background

7. HD Twitter Wallpaper

HD Twitter Wallpaper

8. Cute Twitter Wallpaper

Cute Twitter Wallpaper

9. Twitter Background by PainiaX

Twitter Background by PainiaX

10. Twitter Follow Me Wallpaper

Twitter Follow Me Wallpaper

11. Twitter Wallpaper

Twitter Wallpaper

12. Twitter HR Wallpaper

Twitter HR Wallpaper

13. Typo Twitter Bird Wallpaper

Typo Twitter Bird Wallpaper

14. Wallpaper Twitter Night

Wallpaper Twitter Night

15. A Twitter Wallpaper

A Twitter wallpaper

16.  Giant Twitter Bird Background

Giant Twitter Bird Background

17. Twitter Skeleton

Twitter Skeleton

18. Butterfly and Twitter Wallpaper

Butterfly and Twitter Wallpaper

19. Best Free Backgrounds for Twitter

Best Free Backgrounds for Twitter

20. Background for Twitter

Background for Twitter

Hope you will have liked these amazing wallpapers. If you have any wallpapers collection for desktop then share your related comments with us.