8 Most Simple Pimple Treatment on Lip

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Pimples are a type of acne, developed due to blockage of the sebaceous glands. Considering this, those who have oily skin are more susceptible to this skin condition than others. The urge to treat pimple on the lips fast may prompt you to take drastic action like squeezing the pimples or popping them with a needle.

The main factors that lead to pimple on lips and mouth may include hormonal imbalance, excessive release of acids, improper diet and oily skin. So, the best alternative is to understand the probable causes to avoid future development and effective tips to cure them.

The Effective Pimple Treatment on Lips

  1. Use a mild cleanser to clean the pimple affected areas on the lips. Do it gently with a clean washcloth, so that the cleanser does not get into the mouth and you are not irritating the inflamed area. In case of oily skin, use a cleansing soap that contains glycerin.
  2. Wipe your mouth after eating/drinking with a clean tissue. This may sound like a silly/obvious step, but any crumbs or food residue left around your mouth is a feeding ground for bacteria, and may cause breakouts!
  3. Apply a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide lotion or cream to the acne pimples around your lips during the day, being careful to avoid the lip tissue.
  4. Water is a wonderful solution for the mouth pimples. Drink a lot of water every day in order to keep your mouth fresh and odour-free. This will prevent the bacteria to form inside the mouth.
  5. In case of very painful lip pimples, apply ice cubes over the affected lips. This will help numbing the area and soothing the pain symptoms.
  6. After cleaning your teeth every morning/night, clean off your toothbrush and lightly brush your lips. Doing this twice daily will help rid your lips of the gunk that accumulates there every day.
  7. Apply a light non-comedogenic moisturizer to the skin around your lips, to counteract the drying side effects of the benzoyl peroxide. Choose a moisturizer specifically formulated for acne prone skin.
  8. Do not use any type of lip care products like lip gloss or lipstick that contain chemical formulations, when you have pimples on lips.

Try these simple tips and get rid of those irritating mouth and lip pimples. Be kind to your skin, don’t feverishly scrub the sensitive area around your lips with every face wash in reach.