3 Effective Permanent Hair Removal Tips

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Most men and women, particularly females, feel that beauty lies in a clean and clear skin without any traces of hair. Undergoing a process to remove hair from parts of your body is an important life choice. Women have struggled with excessive hair and hair removal problems for centuries.

There are many ways to remove the hair such as shaving and waxing but they are mostly temporary methods and the effect only lasts two weeks or less. So, without further ado, here are the permanent hair removal tips you should know before signing up for this method!

The Best Permanent Hair Removal Methods

  1. Electrolysis is really a method that has been well tested over time. It was initially utilized for getting rid of stray hairs more than a hundred years ago when it was utilized in removing ingrown eyelash hairs.
  2. Laser treatments to remove hair permanently have become very popular since becoming commercially available int he mid-1990′s. This FDA approved process in which the hair and follicle are removed is called Selective Photothermolysis (SPTL).
  3. Thermicon: It makes use of a trademarked modern technology referred to as Thermicon and it has verified to be a long term answer to unwanted hair removal. It has been applied and developed on for more than four years for long-lasting or permanent hair removal at home.

Have fun and save money for yourself, as well as friends and family by performing the service on them. They will be impressed with your skills and you will feel rewarded removing unwanted hair.