Top 7 Nail Polish Trends for Summer 2012

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When it comes to summer nail polish trends this season’s faves are on opposite ends of the spectrum. With hands and feet on full display this time of the year, nail polish is one of your most noticeable accessories. And what better way to coax your feet out of hibernation than with a pedicure and polish? Strut your stuff this season with these bold and sophisticated 2012 nail polish trends!

The Best Nail Polish Trends for Summer 2012

1. Electric Turquoise:

Even if you’ll be behind a desk most of the summer (points to self), wearing the color of a bright blue swimming pool or the Caribbean Sea on your nails – toes or fingers – can transport you far, far away.

2. Matte:

We love matte colors because they still look great even after a day in the sand. Shiny colors get dull looking, but since matte colors are already matte, the sand has no effect on them.

3. Chevrons:

Using Scotch tape is a simple tool you can use to create straight lines and awesome patterns. There are lots of great designs, but the Chevron pattern in particular has really caught on.

4. Essie Bikini So Teeny:

A shimmery cornflower blue, Essie’s hero shade from its summer assortment has already sold out online but can still be found in circulation. In other words: if you find it at your nail spot, grab it. Fast.

5. Orange:

Orange nail polish is so yummy. It reminds us of an orange popsicle or a delicious mimosa.

6. Sponge Gradient:

Did you ever think it would be possible to achieve an airbrush-like gradient on your nails at home? All you need is a sponge, a little patience, and some clean up and you’re ready to create endless combinations of stunning gradients!

7. Pastels Other Then Pink:

We’ve seen all the top nail polish brands like Essie and OPI come out with some really sweet pastel nail polish colors lately. In particular, we’re digging the light purple and pistachio colors. So fresh and summery!

Nail polish trends are all the rage this summer. Which of these nail polish trends are your favorites? What will we you wearing this summer?