10 Secrets of Losing Belly Fat for Teenage Girls

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It is very common for women to have problems with belly fat. Being a teenager has many challenges and having to lose fat from the belly just adds more stress to the already vulnerable teenage girls. Having a big belly is certainly not nice but you do not have to despair since there are a lot of ways to reduce your belly size and get a flatter belly.

Generally hormonal imbalance is the major cause of growing belly fat in women. The effects of hormonal changes in a woman’s body such as menopause and pregnancy make it more challenging to keep lose belly fat for women than men, however with careful planning and action it is possible for any woman to begin to shed the pounds.

Tips to Lose Belly Fat for Teenage Girls

  • Drink plenty of water. Drink at least eight to 10 glasses a day of water to lose belly fat. Water flushes excess sodium, sugar and fluids from your body.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It should never be avoided. By doing so, the body does not starve and hence the meals during the day stay proportionate. Avoiding consumption of a large quantity of food in 1 serving helps keep belly fat in control. So eat smaller meals throughout the day. Breaking down a single large meal into several small meals helps in faster metabolism and lesser storage of fats.
  • Consume a diet that revolves around foods in their natural form to promote fat loss. Eat healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats like olive oil and nuts, low-fat dairy, lean proteins, fish eggs and poultry. Avoid processed foods that are loaded with sodium and chemical preservatives that can cause weight gain and bloating in the midsection.
  • Teenage can call for excessive stress which may result in bad digestion and metabolism. And thus it can make you fat. Hence, avoid any kind of tension and stress to build up. Make jolly and happy-go-lucky friends to beat the stress out of your life.
  • Eliminate fatty foods from your diet. Stay away from high-fat foods, including fried foods and fast foods. Choose low-fat or no-fat alternatives.
  • Regular physical activity helps build muscle and facilitates fat loss. Enrolling in a group activity like soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming or gymnastics helps burn fat without having to set foot in a health club.
  • Most of the fast foods available are junk foods. Avoid them. They contain no or very less nutrients and are made up of mostly fattening substances. When partying or eating out, go for a healthy menu.
  • Cut back on sugary foods. Sugary treats like cake, cookies and ice cream can cause abdominal weight. Additionally, sodas and some juices contain several grams of sugar. Pay attention to food labels and eliminate or limit sugary foods and beverages from your diet.
  • Maintaining a good health can greatly increase your affinity for friends and thereby make your whole teen years a lot more fun filled, exciting and with widened horizons. It is important not to forget to keep your health at a priority during the mentally, sexually, physically and socially engaging years of your life.
  • Avoid alcoholic and sodas. these are another food that contribute excess fat that is stored in the body. Avoid these kinds of foods and you will see there is an improvement in losing your belly fat!