How To Get Your Legs Ready For Summer

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I have always been incredibly envious of women with lovely legs. The minute the sun comes out, out too come their long, brown limbs, framed by pretty little skirts/shorts. As you prepare your whole body for donning your new swimsuit this summer, a few strategies and helpful tips will help you pamper your legs to perfection.

No matter how scaly, fuzzy or flabby they become in the off-season, with a little effort you can whip them back into summer shape. When the sun finally shines, it’s time to bare some skin. The heat feels so good when you leave off the long sleeves and the trousers and slip into a tank and shorts.

How To Get Your Legs Ready For Summer

  1. Exfoliating: Exfoliating is a must! Without this step moisturizers and self-tanners can’t even do their jobs. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells that make skin look dull. It also prevents ingrown hairs an embarrassing Summer no-no. For rough areas, such as your elbows, heels and knees opt for a formula with citrus, which penetrates deeper and works on tough spots.
  2. Acceptance: Get legs out in private. Take a deep breath and look in the mirror. Take stock of hair situation and level of paleness. Shrug shoulders and smile. In a day or two you’re going to totally transform those pesky limbs.
  3. Shaving: You should really try to avoid using soap as a shaving lubricant, even if you have run out of cream. The slippery residue and bubbles created by a bar of traditional soap do not allow for the razor to glide smoothly over the skin, and rather than moisturize, the soap will work to dry out your skin very quickly. If you are really desperate, opt to use a small amount of hair conditioner rather than soap.
  4. Cellulite: Exercise helps by lowering body fat, increasing lean muscle and aiding in lymphatic drainage. Try cellulite creams with caffeine or L-carnitine, an amino acid that aids in fat removal, such as Nivea Skin Firming Cellulite gel-cream. Some plant extracts, like celosia cristata, also have dimple-busting potential.
  5. Moisturize your legs: If you want to keep your legs healthy and hydrated all summer long, it’s smart to moisturize them on a daily basis. Try a moisturizer that’s at least SPF 15 so you can also protect your skin from becoming burned which can lead to dry, itchy and peeling skin. Especially if your legs are frequently exposed to the sun, moisturizing them consistently will help keep them looking smooth after laser hair treatment.
  6. Waxing: Watch when you wax. If you’re waxing at home, don’t wax oversensitive skin! Beware of medications you take. Stop meds like Accutane and any type of retinols the week before you get a wax, as it increases skin sensitivity and can cause burning, peeling or flaking. Allow your hair time to grow back, always allow for at least 1/2” of growth for the smoothest, most effective treatment otherwise the hair won’t be long enough and you’ll be left with an uneven mess rather than smooth results.
  7. Tanning: Before you tan make sure that you apply a layer of moisturizer to your ankles and knees you don’t get any excess fake tan clinging to these areas. Now the best way to apply fake tan is with a tanning mitt. These will provide an easy, even and streak free application. Apply your tan to the mitt and then really work it into your legs in a circular motion. Don’t apply to much to your feet and literally brush the mitt over your ankles so that they get some color but not too much.
  8. A clean, sharp blade is vital to achieving the very best shaving results. Whilst some off-brand razors may be cheaper, it is really worth paying that little bit extra for quality. A smooth, sharp blade will help you to avoid bumps, razor burns and pesky ingrown hairs. It is recommended that you use a new razor every third or fourth shave, and you can wipe olive oil over the blades between showers to help prevent rust.

Don’t be the only person this summer flaunting less-than-perfect legs. Try some of these helpful strategies and tips to prepare your legs for fun in the sun this summer.