How To Clean Your Nails At Home

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Strong healthy and nice looking nails complement our look and even our outfit. Regular nail care results in healthy nails that you can be proud to take to work or out on the town. Your nail care plan can be simple and inexpensive. Keeping your fingernails and toenails trimmed and clean helps keep germs at bay and reduces your risk of infection.

When you scratch or bite your nails, you transfer those germs to your mouth or get them under your skin, and the result can be a nasty infection. So keep on top of your greatest fashion accessory and keep your fingernails clean and gorgeous looking. Here’s how to clean nails properly. Let’s check some of the home remedies for clean, shiny and healthy nails.

The Best Ways To Clean Your Nails With Home Remedies

  1. Though, fish oil is good for health, but it also happens to be good for your nails. It is a wonderful way to treat nails at home, especially in winters.
  2. Moisturizing your nails when you are routinely applying your body moisturizer will also greatly minimize your nail breakages throughout the day.
  3. If you want clean, lovely fingernails it’s an absolute must to invest in a good quality nail brush. A nail brush will scrub out the dirt from underneath your nails and attack those hard-to-reach areas where grime can build up. Always ensure you do a nail scrub in a well-lit room, using a solution of warm water and hand soap.
  4. Petroleum Jelly: Petroleum jelly also helps in gaining shiny nails. Just rub Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly on your nails after taking a bath or before going to bath, for nourishing them.
  5. Soak your nails in soapy water for five minutes once a day. After the soak, lightly scrub the surface and undersides of your nails with a soft-bristled nail brush.
  6. Mix lemon juice and baking soda. Apply this paste on your nails and lightly massage. Toothpaste remove stains from your teeth and it also helps to clean stained nails.
  7. Cucumber: Either a thin slice of cucumber or juice of cucumber both works wonderfully for your nails.
  8. Use a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide to clean away stubborn stains and whiten nails.
  9. Olive oil is a natural and proven home remedy for providing shine to your nails. Massaging with warm olive oil on nails would do all the work.
  10. Remove Polish: Wet a cotton pad with some nail polish remover and use it to remove any old nail polish that may still be hanging around on your nails. For really strong healthy fingernails, you should aim to give them a break from polish once every few weeks.

Finally avoid pulling off your hanging nails, because apart from injuring yourself, germs and bacteria, easily find their way into your nails, compromising the nail health.