How to Applying Makeup in 5 Minutes

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Most of the women apply makeup to look more beautiful. It has become a habitual task which has to be done whenever going out of the house. They would do makeup every time when there is any party or even when they go for shopping or for movie. Doing your own makeup is always challenging and it becomes all the more hard when you do not have enough time at your disposal.

If you are in hurry and have limited time to spend in front of the mirror, do not start worrying. We can tell you that getting the perfect made-up look in a few minutes is not a difficult job. This may happen a lot of times and you may just tend to mess up your makeup when you just have a few minutes to make an arrival. Check these simple tips to get it right just when you are in a hurry.

How to Applying Makeup in 5 Minutes

Follow these tips and see yourself changing from a simple girl to a ‘diva’, in just a few minutes.

  • Wash your face well with a face cleaner meant for your skin type and pat it dry.
  • Cleanse your face quickly but thoroughly and follow up with moisturizer.
  • Use foundation only where you need it to even out your overall skin tone. Focus on your chin, the sides of your nose, and around your eyes, all areas that can be prone to redness or dark shadows. Dab it on using your ring finger.
  • Mascara (a black shade is universally flattering; brown is a good choice for the particularly fair) opens up the eyes and makes you look refreshed. Sweep on one coat from root to tip. No need to pump the wand; doing so lets air into the tube, promoting bacterial growth.
  • Apply blush to the apple of each cheek (the roundest part when you smile), sweeping back toward the ear. On your lips, use color with a sheer or gloss finish, which requires less precision (and time) than a liner-and-lipstick combo.

Keep in mind the above tips for applying makeup in short time notice. Also make sure that all the things are ready before hand, only then you won’t consume time in searching them here-and-there. No one would know that you have applied makeup in hurry as you would definitely look beautiful as always.