How To Apply Powder Foundation Makeup

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After trying the make up foundations, certainly you will stick to it. Make up foundations are very much useful and friendly for your skin without resulting in glossy look. Applying powder foundation correctly will give added color to your face and conceal flaws and imperfections. So learn how to apply your powder foundation properly today.

You will Need:

  • Moisturizer
  • A compact powder foundation to match your skin tone – they usually come in light, Medium and dark shades
  • An applicator sponge
  • Some soapy water

Apply Powder Foundation Makeup

  • Apply moisturizer. People with dry skin  must do this step, but those who have oily skin can skip this step or apply a light moisturizer that give you a matte finish. You may also use your liquid sunscreen as moisturizer.
  • Pick a powder foundation Tmart make up that matches your skin tone. You can test the shade by applying it to your neck and jawline area–it should blend in perfectly.
  • Use a makeup puff or makeup brush. If possible, use a fluffy brush, and swirl it into the powder foundation. Tap off the excess powder from the brush.
  • Along with skin foundation, use powder or cream foundations too. The selections of these secondary foundations depend upon the characteristics of your skin. Silk foundations are found to be useful if your skin has dry nature. To avoid greasy appearance on skin, powder foundations could be adopted.
  • Put some powder on the sponge and dab it around the center of your face. Blend the powder outwards using gentle strokes.
  • The cheeks and the areas around the nose and under the eyes are prone to dark shadows and broken blood vessels. These will need the most coverage. You can use less around the hairline and at the ears.
  • Blend the foundation as you apply it paying particular attention at the hairline, jaw line, ears and eyebrows.

So do you have any special techniques you swear by to get a flawless foundation makeup?  Share them! If you want to know that how to applying makeup in summer then follow these tips and get good looking in summer.