How To Apply Makeup At Home

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While cosmetics have a large effect on enhancing your features, it is the technique that makes a dramatic transformation in your appearance. Cosmetic products are filled with chemicals, preservatives, allergens and are very expensive. It makes better sense to prepare your own in your own kitchen. Given here are some tips that will assist you in doing your own makeup at home. Go ahead and get some head-turning gorgeous results.

How To Make Makeup At Home

  1. Get a concealer a shade lighter than your foundation. Apply it over blemishes or under-eye circles and blend it gently using your finger tips or makeup sponge.
  2. Turn on the stove to very low heat so you can start browning the flour. It’s important to use just a little heat so you can control the color change in the flour. The goal is to slowly change the color to achieve a shade that matches your skin.
  3. Select a foundation matching your skin tone. Apply dots of the foundation on the central part of your face and blend it with your fingertips or makeup sponge to cover the entire face.
  4. Using a hard, slanted brush, apply powdered eyebrow shadow on your brows. Avoid using an eyebrow pencil, as it can give your brows an unnatural look.
  5. Place the beeswax in the glass saucepan and put it either on top of the stove or inside the microwave. Wash the beet, peel it and pass it through the juicer so you have pure beet juice.
  6. Apply mascara to upper as well as lower eyelashes. To avoid clumsiness, apply two thin coats. If you have a fair skin, use brown mascara, while for dark skin, you can go for black or brown.
  7. Next, line your lips with a lip liner. Select a lipstick shade that suits your skin tone. To suit your mood and outfit, you can mix different shades and textures.

Hope you will like these useful makeup tips. Here I have put suggestion for attractive makeup. You can substitute the rice flour with zinc oxide to make natural sunscreen powder.