5 Best Naturally Homemade Acne Cleansers

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Homemade acne cleansers for curing acne may be the best way to fight these unattractive blemishes. Despite contrary beliefs, acne hits all age groups frequently. People that are prone to acne often spend hundreds of dollars a year on commercial acne cleansers.

These products typically use harsh chemicals and can leave skin feeling dry or stripped. The good thing about home acne treatments is they often use natural products instead of harsh chemicals found in over-the-counter or prescription acne treatments, making them ideal for sensitive skin.

There are many different ways to make home made acne remedies ranging from teas to skin washes. On this page we’ve included some of the easy to make home made acne remedies that are easily available from a garden or if need be from the health food store. So, if you want to learn to make your own home acne treatments, keep reading!

Best Homemade Cleanser Recipes to Get Rid of Acne

Experiment with various homemade cleansers to find the one that works for your skin type and complexion. So, take a look at the homemade cleanser recipes for acne prone skin.

  1. Baking soda is a natural face scrub. Use this homemade cleanser to get a clear skin free from acne. Add a pinch of baking soda in water and apply on the face and neck. Scrub gently and leave for 2 minutes. Rinse with cold water and apply a moisturizer to prevent the skin from drying.
  2. Lemons are another way to dry up the grease that protrudes through the skin. Egg whites are also a significant zit treatment. Use this mixture as a skin mask. Leave on for about 20 minutes, and then gently wash off with a face cleanser.
  3. Gently pat sweet almond oil over the area of visible blackheads. Apply hot towels on the blackhead area several times. In addition to the bath and the facial this will soften deeply imbedded blackheads, and will help loosen them enough for you to push them out with a tissue or cotton-wool.
  4. Oatmeal is not only good for your body, it does wonders for you skin too. Oatmeal is naturally high in vitamins which makes it perfect to reduce redness and inflammation caused by acne. Create your own at acne treatment by soaking ½ a cup of oatmeal in 1 cup of boiling water. After the oatmeal mixture has cooled, apply it to your face and gently massage the skin. After one to two minutes rinse off the oatmeal.
  5. Mix strawberry and yogurt and make a paste. Apply on the face and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with milk and then water. This homemade cleanser unclogs the pores and is good for acne prone skin.

There is no need to spend countless dollars on medications that may or may not work. Let me know if you tried any of these 5 home acne treatments. Also, do you have recipes for any other home acne treatments you’d like to share?