7 Best Hair Removal Dos and Don’ts

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Hair removal is a relatively safe cosmetic procedure that will remove the hair from different areas of your body. Most of us shave, wax, tweeze or laser away hair like it’s no thing, but there are actually hair removal dos and don’ts to follow! Whatever way you choose, here are a few tips that can make the process easier.

The Effective Tips on Hair Removal Dos and Don’ts

  1. Use proper products: If you are planning hair removal by waxing, use good products before applying wax. Apply baby powder 10 minutes before you start waxing. It soaks up moisture and makes your job easier.
  2. Exfoliating our skin the night before or using a jute or sisal fiber dry skin brush to lightly brush our skin are really helpful in preventing ingrown hairs and bumps. The next time you’re planning on doing some hair removal, bust out the dry brush or give your body a good scrub!
  3. Do have a skin test performed before choosing to undergo the treatment. Different types of skin may react to lasers differently. During the skin test, a small patch of skin will be tested to see how it is affected and if there are any negative side effects.
  4. Do not wax again and again: If you have waxed your skin and you still have some leftover hair, do not wax that area again and again. Doing so will only irritate your skin and increase the chances of getting ingrown hair.
  5. Using an epilator is another quick and easy hair removal method and it’s basically like using electrical tweezers. Epilators pull multiple hairs at once so it’s very quick but can be a little painful until you get used to it.
  6. Don’t wax or pluck hairs from the area that will be treated for four to six weeks prior to your appointment. The hair must be present in the area during the time of treatment.
  7. Make things easy on yourself and shave the area where you want to remove hair first, then go back over it with an epilator later. Epilating long hair can be painful and more difficult than doing it on shorter hair, so feel free to shave first.

It is also very important to inform your physician if you are currently on any antibiotics or other medications that could potentially cause a problem with the hair removal. Do you have any hair removal tips? So, share with us via comments below.