The Useful Hair Care Tips for Spring Season 2014

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With the days getting longer and temperatures (slowly) rising, it’s finally time to start thinking about spring! While springtime brings beautifully bloomed gardens and 70-degree temperatures, it’s also the season when frizzy hair and flyaways are rampant. We all have hair issues all year round, but it seems bad hair days accumulate more frequently post Winter.

Don’t you want others to know that you care about yourself and take care of yourself? If so, use these hair tips for spring to get your hair looking fine as we bring in the warm weather!

The Best Hair Care Tips During Spring 2014

  1. Please try to get rid of the nasty habit of washing your hair every day. Your hair is supposed to have a reasonable amount of oil in it, so it shouldn’t be squeaky clean. Plus, all that rubbing messes up the cuticle patterns on your hairs and the curls end up all crazy – not in the good way!
  2. It’s good to focus on the especially damaged area of your hair. Apply your treatment evenly from roots top tips and then make sure to add extra product to the sections that could use extra moisture. If you use heat styling, applying conditioner to the ends will help battle split ends.
  3. Spring is a season of rains, which means increased moisture. As it is constantly pointed out at various high quality hair salons and by hairdressers, high levels of moisture give the hair a very frizzy look. This is exactly the same results as some older types of hair dryers used to do.
  4. Spring brings blooms and color, so why not bring a little of that into your hair? Nothing complements and updo like a darling flower tucked into it! If you’re single, the flower goes on the right side, but if you’re happily taken, wear it on the left.
  5. Hot tools are invaluable for keeping strands smooth. We’re talking blow dryers and straighteners, of course, but a curling iron is also a good choice for the wavy-haired set. Rather than just air-drying or diffusing, use a curling iron to help define and set ringlets a and ward off frizzies.
  6. Although it is a whole lot easier to just wrap the hair turban-style in a towel when you get out of the shower, the twisting and pulling can also lead to frizz. If you can, get a microfiber towel as opposed to cotton, and blot the curls dry with your head upside-down.

Of course, the best tip on proper hair care in spring is to actually follow the winter hair treatment tips as these will ensure the hair will keep its shine and health all throughout the heavy, cold and dry temperaturees.