The Best Green Tea Weight Loss Benefits

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Green tea is made solely from the leaves of Camellia sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. Green tea originates in China and has become associated with many cultures throughout Asia. Everyone knows that green tea is a good beverage but not many people know its benefits for weight loss. It is true. We all know that green tea is famous in the East for thousands of year as a healthy drink.

The processing of tea removes many, but not all, of its health benefits. Because green tea is minimally processed it keeps the health benefits derived from the leaves mostly in tact. Doctors even claim that regular consumption of green tea helps in minimizing the risk of heart disease and many kinds of cancer. However, the most widespread use of Green tea is done to treat obesity.

Green Tea Weight Lose Benefits

Drinking green tea after every meal will help you to increase your body metabolism.  It is because there is caffeine in green teas. This is the best drink to increase their body metabolism and burn fat more than normal. As your body metabolism rate increase you will burn fat more and it will benefit your weight loss than other drink.

Green tea contains high concentrations of catechin polyphenols. These compounds work with other chemicals to intensify levels of fat oxidation and thermogenesis, where heat is created in the body by burning fuels such as fat. There is now good evidence that green tea catechins are related to reductions in body fat.

Green Tea is said to be an excellent fat burner. It regulates the glucose level in the body by keeping a check on the blood sugar level. Green Tea also enhances the metabolism rate and thus, leads to fat burn. A component called catechins in the Green Tea is also said to lower the surplus cholesterol level.

The most significant weight loss benefit of green tea is the overall improvement in health, which makes losing weight much easier. A body that is functioning properly will adapt better to the healthier lifestyle required for successful weight loss.


Drinking green tea after every meal is recommended to people who want to burn fat and lose weight in order to look more attractive. One of the best green tea product that many diet advisers highly recommend their customers is Tava Tea because it is 100% organic certified, contains powerful antioxidants.