Everything You Need To Know About Derma Rollers

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Popular Deep Peeling Treatment

Deep peeling treatments such as Micro-needling, or derma rollers, are becoming increasingly popular as many individuals seek to treat problem areas such as the hands, face, and scalp.

Dermatologist use Derma Rolling on certain areas like the scalp to increase blood flow and encourage hair growth. It can also be found in medi-spas as a facial treatment for those with sensitive skin who would rather avoid laser treatments.

Derma Roller Products

Derma Rolling treatments are simple enough that they can be performed at home. The studded rolling barrel is fitted with fine needles that roll over the skin to break down existing scar tissue and encourage blood flow to applied areas.

The needles attached to the Derma Roller vary offering different results for each application. You can customize the size and length of needles to acquire the results your desire. Make sure that your Derma Roller’s needle set is up to medi-spa standards:

  • Needles Should Be Sharp. Dull needles will only add to the discomfort and provide poor results. Quality needles should be sharp and can range in length from .05mm to 2.0mm.
  • Longer Needles Equal Deeper Peels. Even though they can be somewhat more painful, longer needles can penetrate the deeper layers of skin. This is beneficial for those seeking to tackle cellulite and other issues. Needles longer than 1.5mm should only be used by professionals.
  • More Needles means More Effective. Needles can come in packs as many as 450 or as few as 200. The more needles used during your application can result in less discomfort.

The use of Derma Rollers can result in a healthier skin surface, an increase in collagen production, and a subtle reduction in scar tissue. Derma rolling treatments can also be used in collaboration with other treatments such as the use of skin care serums; which are more effective as derma rolling opens your pores.

Let’s discuss some additional benefits and associated risks of Derma Rolling treatments.

Advantages of Derma Rolling Treatments

Derma Roller Treatments can be beneficial to those with sensitive skin or who simply want to avoid considerably riskier methods of skin rejuvenation such as cosmetic laser treatments. They have several advantages that these precarious methods provide with fewer risks.

  • Tackles Common Issues with the Skin: Issues such as sun damage and wrinkles are the most common factors that drive people to seek cosmetic solutions such as Derma Rolling. It is able to erase deep inset wrinkles around sensitive areas of the face such as crow’s feet.  Over time, it can also be used to correct skin discoloration caused by sun damage.
  • Reduces Scarring: Derma Rolling treatments have the best results with healing old acne scar tissue and uncovering a fresh layer of skin that is blemish free.
  • Rejuvenates Aging Skin: This deep peeling treatment can be most effective on those who have previously undergone cosmetic laser treatments. Used as a follow up treatment, derma rollers can help keep your skin firm through the boost in collagen.
  • Aides Product Absorption: The puncture wounds caused by the miniature needles found on your derma roller help the skin remain open for some time. This allows for a better application of serums and other skin care products meant to help keep your skin seeming younger and well maintained.

Side Effects of Using a Derma Roller

This deep peeling method has become increasingly popular due to its ease of application and minimal discomfort. While it is simple enough to complete at home, there can still be some risk associated with Derma Rolling treatments. While these possibilities may be far and few between applications, it is important that you make yourself aware of the potential risks.

Some individuals have experienced discomfort after the application of their derma rolling treatments such as rashes or allergic reactions to creams used on the skin. Your skin may also feel dry and flaky; your technician might recommend additional moisturizers such as coconut oil.

Severe risks may include slight bleeding accompanied with some redness of the skin. In most cases, if there is not some tint to the hue of skin, the application process was not applied with enough pressure. This will provide weak results; however, if you apply your derma roller treatment too roughly you can damage your skin further.

Skin Rejuvenation with Derma Rollers

Your skin rejuvenation efforts are sure to pay off over time applying Derma Roller treatments. By incorporating your normal skin care regime, you can provide your skin with the best care and enjoy long lasting results.

Derma Roller treatments are cost effective in comparison to other cosmetic solutions. While it is recommended that you wait at least a week between deep peeling applications, they can be done as frequently as a few days apart without damaging the skin further. Contact your dermatologist for more information on how you can add this deep peeling technique to your normal skin care routine.