10 Easy Fun Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

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When you exercise in fun ways to lose weight, then exercise actually becomes much easier. Exercising, dieting and losing weight can bring you down. You’re so busy thinking about the things you can’t eat and the workout you should be doing that it basically isn’t a fun way to go.

Follow these simple steps and you be there in no time at all! But remember, don’t overdo it because that is unhealthy! Be strong! Not weak! Do it don’t give up.

The Best Fun Ways to Lose Weight Easily

  • Make a morning motivational call: Take five minutes while you’re drinking your coffee or packing your lunch to phone a friend and share your exercise or health commitments for the day.
  • Dance Dance Revolution, a video game available for various gaming consoles, is the new fitness revolution. Follow choreographed moves on a dance mat to the beat of catchy dance tunes to earn points.
  • Climbing and Abseiling: If you give this a try you will find it’s strangely addictive! You can go traveling to some great climbing places and experience views that nobody could ever experience from ground level too, which makes the experience all the more rewarding.
  • Play a video game that will help you get some extra exercise or track your diet and weight-loss goals. Nintendo’s Wii Fit is a wildly popular way to track progress and to engage in cardio activities and strength training, like yoga.
  • Make a plan! Look at your calender and find some spare time, after school or sports practice and add an exercise routine to fill the gaps.
  • Ride your bike: For instance, do you love riding your bike? Do you have fun exploring new neighborhoods or just cycling along, listening to music? That’s a great way to lose weight. Better still, you’ll really tone your calves, thighs, and your rear end!
  • Step on the scale: Schedule a weekly weigh-in with your friends, says Virgin. Knowing you’ll have to report your number will keep you accountable during the week.
  • Add kettlebells to your cardio workout. It’s a great way to up the ante of your monotonous cardio routine. This double-whammy workout is a full body strength training and cardio exercise.
  • Choose an activity that you love, and find ways to make it more challenging or heart-healthy to amp up your workout. If you love to golf, skip the cart and walk to each hole. The walking alone will burn up to 310 calories per hour.
  • Try to brush your teeth after every Meal & Snack. Everything seems less fascinating with toothpaste in your mouth.

There are lots of fun ways to lose weight, as you can see. I hope you give it a try. And also, try this two hubs about how to lose weight. What are your favorite fun exercises for weight loss? Please tell us via comments below.