Fabulous Bridal Makeup Tips for Summer

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Hot weather can be hazardous to an inexpertly made-up face or hairdo, with perspiration, hot sun and humidity all having an impact. Every bride want to look more beautiful in their big day. And summer is the best day for wedding because the sun is shining.

Here are some handy bridal makeup tips for summer that will are guaranteed to help you beat the heat and give you the best look on your special day! To accomplish this, you can do just a few things so you look natural and refreshed.

The Perfect Summer Makeup Tips for Brides

  • Do your hair before makeup as doing it in the end may spoil all your hard work!
  • Sheer foundation that doesn’t mask your skin is important, this summer season the trend is all about the eyes. False lashes are the perfect way to add a little glamor to your eyes as well and make them “pop”.
  • Long and lush lashes, shimmery shadows and lots of eyeliner will make your eyes smolder and have everyone hold their gaze just a little bit longer.
  • Thick liners or glitter on eyes is a big no-no for summer brides because they tend to get smudged with time.
  • If your have any blemishes or spots on your skin use a spot concealer, which will stay longer. Use it under the eyes, around corners of your nose, and wherever you have blemishes.
  • Using a concealed brush, apply concealed all over your lid, from lash line to brow. If your lids are extra oily apply a mortifying product first, then put your concealer on top. Finish it of with a dusting powder.
  • Start off by moisturizing your lips with balm so your pencil will glide along easily. Then take your lip pencil and color in your entire mouth — this will prevent your lipstick from bleeding and supply more holding power.
  • Ideal shades for summers are pink, corals, limes, blues and yellow.
  • The final step is adding a touch of gloss and applying lipstick sealer. Just one coat on your upper and lower lips will hold your color in place all day, or at least most of it.

These wedding makeup tips will help you look your best at a summer wedding. Hope you will have followed these useful summer makeup tips for brides.