Top 6 Bad Habits That Are Damaging Your Skin

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A lot of us are guilty to a couple of vices, especially ones related to maintaining beautiful skin. When you get to 20 you start feeling that you’re still growing. Of course you’re not a teenager and probably already are attending college, or working, or doing both.

The habits that are damaging your skin can be a long list, but the points to come are the most important ones. The following will be presented some bad habits are bad for your skin turns along the way that you can do to prevent skin damage.

The Bad Habits That Are Damaging Your Skin

  1. Sleep Without Removing Makeup: You may be tempted to immediately go to sleep after a busy day at work without a clean face. But unfortunately spent the night cleaning it could lead to acne.
  2. Stop drinking alcohol at the teacher. It is normal to come out of the 20 party, and party long and intense. Festivals and alcohol are always present in the student’s life. But if you care about your skin then reduces the festivities and excess alcohol. Alcohol causes aging of the skin and your image becomes gray and dry.
  3. Using Dirty Makeup Brushes: Your makeup brushes should always be cleaned thoroughly. If doing it on a daily basis seems way too tedious for you, at least clean it once a week. This is especially important for your foundation and blush brushes.
  4. This is actually SO true when you think about it. Think about where you leave your cell phone daily. This can actually cause a breakout around your cheeks. Make sure to wipe down your phone every now and then to kill all those unwanted germs.
  5. Dirty pillows and cases. These are worth changing often because when we sleep we sometimes perspire and the impurities obviously settle on the pillows.
  6. Treatment for Acne conduct: Thanks to hormone fluctuations, women over 40 years are routinely experiencing acne problems. However, using a special treatment to reduce the red spots will only dry out your skin and your skin is irritated.